Accolades are a frame that are placed around your lord profile picture. These frames display your progress in the game and add additional benefits to your lord which can include an increase in Troop Attack, Troop Defense and Troop Health. Some accolades can be purchased with a Gold-Top up or in the Catacombs.

Most accolades can be acquired by completing expeditions or by achieving certain milestones in the game.

In-game accolades include:

Achievement Accolades

  • Conquering Hero - Benefit: Troop Attack +5.00%, Unlocked by earning 5 stars for the Heavy Plunder Achievement
  • Master Marketeer - Benefit: Troop Defense +5.00%, , Unlocked by earning 5 stars for the Farewell to Arms Achievement
  • Lord of Bounty - Benefit: Troop Defense +5.00%, , Unlocked by earning 5 stars for the Resourceful Troops Achievement
  • Arena Champion - Benefit: Troop Health +5.00%, , Unlocked by becoming Supreme Champion in the Creation Arena

Airship Expedition

  • Airship Rider - Troop Defense +2.00%
  • Airship Captain - Troop Health +2.00%
  • Lord of the Skies - Troop Attack +2.00%

Equipment Expedition

  • Snappy Dresser - Troop Attack +2.00%
  • Dashing Dandy - Troop Defense +2.00%
  • Symbol of Splendor - Troop Health +2.00%

Gemstone Expedition

  • Gem Wearer - Troop Defense +2.00%
  • Bejewelled Noble - Troop Health +2.00%
  • Sun King - Troop Attack +2.00%

Research Expedition

  • Learned Scholar - Troop Attack +2.00%
  • Master Regent - Troop Defense +2.00%
  • Renaissance Man - Troop Health +2.00%

Building Expedition

  • Skilled Builder - Troop Health +2.00%
  • Expert Engineer - Troop Attack +2.00%
  • Renowned Architect - Troop Defense +2.00%


  • Royal Duke - Troop Health +10.00%, Troop Attack +10.00%, Troop Defense +10.00%
  • Catacombs Explorer (Troops) - Troop Damage +10.00%
  • Catacombs Explorer (Infantry) - Infantry Damage +10.00%
  • Catacombs Explorer (Cavalry) - Cavalry Damage +10.00%
  • Catacombs Explorer (Distance) - Distance Damage +10.00%
  • Championship Celebrant - Troop Attack +2.00%

UAC Reward Accolades

  • Mighty Musketeer Accolade - Resource Gathering Speed +5.00%
  • Battlefield Hear Accolade - Troop Training Speed +5.00%

In comparison, the expedition accolades show your progress through the game however do not add much additional bonus to your stats as compared to the Royal Duke Accolade which affects your troop health, defense and attack; over 15 times more beneficial than the majority of the free accolades however comes at a price and lasts a week from the Gold Top Up section of the game.

As an alternative, the Catacombs Accolades can be purchased with Ancient Coins and offer 10.00% damage bonuses which is considerable when used against beasts, red guards, the wolf or even during PVP.

UAC Reward Accolades come in handy during the Gold Event and can you give you a gathering or troop training advantage of 5.00% over other people in your kingdom. Buffs like these can help you achieve Top 10 positions in the final rankings of these Gold Event stages.


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