Aristocrat Key

The Aristocrat Key is required for upgrading your estate castle, barracks, shooting range, stables and artillery foundry past level 30. In the beginning stages you may acquire a large number of Aristocrat chests, generally ignoring them, not sure what they are for. Well, when you get to CS30, it might feel like you can’t get enough of them! The aristocrat chests contain badges that can only be acquired by obtaining aristocrat keys.

So where do you get the keys? Aristocrat keys can be obtained by completing the daily rewards or by purchasing them in the Gold Top Up store. If you are just getting started playing the game, it is important to take part in as many red guard rallies as possible from CS1-CS29. This is where you obtain the chests and by keeping up with the daily rewards, you can receive up to 3 keys per day. Eventually, these keys will run out, it is inevitable and if you want to continue to make upgrades to your castle you may be forced to decide whether you want to purchase keys or continue to acquire them through the daily rewards chests or both.

Ultimately the Aristocrat Key is literally the key to obtaining Aristocrat Badges which allow you to advance your castle in further stages of the game.


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