The Catacombs in Guns of Glory have recently been updated to Catacombs 2.0. The updated version of the Catacombs offers a more entertaining story line and more inspiration to explore deeper through the catacombs then in the previous version. Major changes that have been made include updated background scenes, story line and big changes to the rewards system, how equipment and crests are acquired and how ancient coins are acquired and used. In order to keep this guide as up to date as possible we won’t discuss much about Catacombs 1.0 and focus on the newly released update because this is the version that is currently available and Catacombs 1.0 has become obsolete.

The Catacombs are an important part of the game that in the beginning was largely overlooked as just a mini game in Guns of Glory which was largely deemed as boring but the ability to plunder floors or now rooms offered a great opportunity to get vast amounts of Food, Wood, Silver and Iron easily. In order to do this, your creation must be a certain strength, with good equipment, strong chests and at least level 35 experience. With the update, this is largely the same except for the cooldown feature has been removed and replaced with stamina.

In order to complete floors, your creation must have enough Strength, Defense and Hit Points to over come any beasts and the final Guardian of each floor. If your creation is too weak, you will be required to make upgrades to your equipment, refine crests and gain more experience to overcome these beasts. The further you get into the catacombs, to more coins you will receive and the better the rewards.

The catacombs are incredibly important because they offer you an alternative to gathering resources alone and can make large upgrades like your Castle, Wall and expensive Research affordable. The new Catacombs affords you to plunder floors a certain number of times per day. After you have reached the deepest floor possible in catacombs it is important to continue to plunder floors you have previously completed like clock work. Continuing on this path with guarantee you will have a strong creation and receive the most rewards possible in order to strengthen not only your estate but your army as well.


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