Gift Codes

Gift codes are released by the developers somewhat frequently and are usually announced on the Guns Of Glory Official Facebook page. These are generally released as a reward for doing something or a gift for a holiday or some type of celebration.

Recently we have seen the following gift codes:
Date Released - Code
Januaryu 10th 2020 - GoGFriday2020 (Expires January 16th 2020)
September 27th 2019 - UPG410GG (Expires September 30th 2019)
July 30th 2019 - GOGUPGG360 (Expires August 7th 2019)
July 17 2019 - GGCUPG350 (Expires July 24th 2019
April 10th 2019 - UPGGG290 (GOG Second Anniversary Gift Code)
March 29th 2019 - EJFRIDAY
March 12th 2019 - 280UPGCDG
February 3rd 2019 – 2019HAPPY

In order to use gift codes go into the Game Settings Menu and Click Gift Codes. When you enter a valid gift code, rewards will be sent to you in the System Mailbox. New codes will be posted here whenever they are released. If you know of a gift code that hasn’t been posted to this page but is active, please post the code in the comments below.


bouaraara aman-allah
10 Months Ago

pls gift cod


Darak Dendle
10 Months Ago

GOGUPGG360 I best get something for helping u guys out with this gift code ugetme!!?!


8 Months Ago

Any codes available?


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