Trap Factory

The Trap Factory is a building where you can build traps to defend your estate. Traps are effective against infantry, cavalry and distance troops. Artillery troops are not affected by traps.

Traps Include:

  • I - Seige Rocks - Affective against Infantry
  • I - Caltrops - Affective against Cavalry
  • I - Mounted Morters - Affective against Distance Troops
  • II - Death Rollers - Affective against Infantry
  • II - Bear Traps - Affective against Cavalry
  • II - Mounted Culverins - Affective against Distance Troops
  • III - Boiling Water - Affective against Infantry
  • III - Spiked Trenches - Affective against Cavalry
  • III - Mounted Cannons - Affective against Distance Troops
  • IV - Flaming Oil - Affective against Infantry
  • IV - Fougasses - Affective against Cavalry
  • IV - Thunder Canons - Affective against Distance Troops

It is important to build traps that are affective against each type of troop. Building traps that are only affective against Infantry will leave you vulnerable to attacks from Cavalry and Distance troops. Higher level traps have higher health and attack attributes and add more power to your estate then low level traps.


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